Monday, September 6, 2010

Scribd - The YouTube of docs

Today I woke up, boiled my self a sweet cup of coffee and open my mac.
So what kind of useful innovative stuff on the internet will capture my interest today.
Firstly I flick through some of the usual like TechCrunch, Facebook etc until I find and article in a Norwegian newspaper (DN). The 31 most innovative companies in the world has been revealed by World Economic Forum. I have used some of the reports that World Economic Forum produces at my University so I know they are widely respected by academics.

So I have started to look in to the companies using YouTube to look at some of the presentations of the companies done by World Economic Forum. So far one of the companies have a great webpage that I really think I will be using in the future to get quality information. Scribd has built a webpage in HTML5 where you can read books, documents, lecture slides, articles, journals that the users and surprisingly many publishers post. The main objective is described on their about page:

"Scribd’s vision is to liberate the written word — to turn everyone into a publisher and create the best possible reading experience on the web and mobile platforms."

When you register the Scribd can connect with Facebook so you can see what your friends are reading. I selected a book and used a bit of time figure out how to read the book, but when I figured it out it was a revelation (of the kind when you first tried the Iphone). You flick through pages by the push of a button, like a book (or Ipad), great and easy to use. Best of all, its free AND it works on the Ipad.

Check it out Scribd

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