Saturday, September 11, 2010

Changed to wordpress

I have been recommended to change this blog to wordpress.

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The Innovation Experiment

I will not continue to update this blog!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Odesk, a fantastic and simple innovation!

Today I think I´ve found my new employer, or maybe employers. Odesk is a portal that arranges for you to find jobs that you can do online, depending on your skills. Last month they proudly announced that one million hours was logged through the month. This really caught my attention as I would really like to make some extra cash from my excessive internet use. I signed up, took some tests etc and about 1 hour later I`ve posted my first two job applications. Since I am a Norwegian national I hope to find some translation work. To my surprise I found heaps of work to apply for. This is truly a innovative way to connect with  companies to do work or to hire someone out there at a hourly rate, no strings attached.

Check it out:


I was so impressed by this I also posted the link as one of my Top 3.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The future is here??

Love this commercial for the new Kinect system for the Xbox360.
Not gonna say to much, I think it looks amazing, great innovation. Just hoping its gonna work as sweet as it looks here.

Check it out:

Another great talk posted by S.Cooper.

My good friend S.Cooper contributed with this inspiring video uncovering the effects that YouTube has on media and the way we interact with each other. Check it out below:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Inspiring talk on TED by Seth Godin

A friend of mine sent this to me after I showed him this blog last night. That is exactly what The Innovation Experiment is all about, sharing is caring, connected the true golden ideas, tools, thoughts etc. hidden on the internet will reveal itself.

Seth Godin deliver a great talk below

Scribd - The YouTube of docs

Today I woke up, boiled my self a sweet cup of coffee and open my mac.
So what kind of useful innovative stuff on the internet will capture my interest today.
Firstly I flick through some of the usual like TechCrunch, Facebook etc until I find and article in a Norwegian newspaper (DN). The 31 most innovative companies in the world has been revealed by World Economic Forum. I have used some of the reports that World Economic Forum produces at my University so I know they are widely respected by academics.

So I have started to look in to the companies using YouTube to look at some of the presentations of the companies done by World Economic Forum. So far one of the companies have a great webpage that I really think I will be using in the future to get quality information. Scribd has built a webpage in HTML5 where you can read books, documents, lecture slides, articles, journals that the users and surprisingly many publishers post. The main objective is described on their about page:

"Scribd’s vision is to liberate the written word — to turn everyone into a publisher and create the best possible reading experience on the web and mobile platforms."

When you register the Scribd can connect with Facebook so you can see what your friends are reading. I selected a book and used a bit of time figure out how to read the book, but when I figured it out it was a revelation (of the kind when you first tried the Iphone). You flick through pages by the push of a button, like a book (or Ipad), great and easy to use. Best of all, its free AND it works on the Ipad.

Check it out Scribd

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shopify, true simplification

Are you one of those who are always thinking about a business, or you have a product that you really would try on the market. If you have no experience with online stores these guys seem to have found a solution for this. An easy step by step set up for a online shop, and they even arrange everything for you. I`m getting on it with one of my ideas, I want to challenge my home market on digital cables witch I think is way to expensive (after 5 years in the industry).

Check out Shopify

I also added the link into the Great Links for your convenience :-)

Great speech by Simon Sinek on TED

Simon Sinek delivers a great talk on TED about his golden circle. He speaks very convincingly about how Apple, The Wright Brothers and Martin Luther King all communicate in  the same order and is therefore majorly successful. I absolutely recommend this speech to all the entrepreneurs out there.

Great talk, I believe what he believes, check it out:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Got the blog listed @ ideaconnection

Great to get listed on, gonna be very interesting to see if it generates any discussions or feedback.

Sony OLED new release

This was posted on YouTube 23 hours ago, the newest in OLED technology.
Personally I think adaptable screens is a really great innovation with huge potential. Especially with the interface revolution witch Apple and Google seem to have leaded the last years. These companies are growing like no other because of their love of simplicity and usability. The market wants their gadgets to be simple and adaptive, and they deliver.

Found a pretty cool webpage thats all about innovation. The connect people with ideas with companies etc.
Seems like a really great concept with endless opportunities. The only thing I`m a little disappointed with after the first 5 minute glance is the user interface this page is built with. Seems like a graphic designer would work wonders for this page. Other then that I find  this page fantastic and have applied to get my blog posted on the page.

Check it out at:

A taste of the sweet future ;-)

Amazing logistics system by kiva used by and

This seems like a really great innovative system that probably creates huge amounts of value for internet retailers, truly innovative and worth mentioning.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

vaart; Google Trends vaart Vaart

As part of my innovative experiment I have decided to try and use google trends to boost my hit count. The reason I am using the name Vaart is because it is currently in the top three in google trends. Therefore I hope to attract readers who search the web about Rafael van der Vaart. I dont know how this is going to work out but I will just have to wait and see.

Google ScetchUp

How exciting!! Finally I have made the decision to start a blog. I have been wanting to do this for a long time as I am a strong believer in sharing information with the world and hopefully receive some feedback.

Since this is my first post I think it is in its place to present the program that gave me the idea for this Blog.
Google SketchUp has completely changed the way I visualize my ideas, it is truly one of the most ingenious programs I have ever used.

First let me explain to you how it works. Google SketchUp is a program that lets you easily create a 3d model of whatever is on your mind. That is not a huge innovation in it self but the ingenious thing is that everyone with a computer can use it within I would say 30 minutes. After half a day of playing around in the program I started creating my potential dream house. This is how it ended up.

I think it is great, from scratch I have now built a fully functional 3d model of my potential dream house. Also I have tried this on a few other of my business ideas and for the first time in my life I can see the product with my own eyes, it is truly one of the most helpful tools I have acquired in the last year. And the best thing is that it is absolutely FREE! As long as you just want the "basic" version witch I do not find basic at all.

Download and express your innovations to the world at

Hans Gruber