Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Odesk, a fantastic and simple innovation!

Today I think I´ve found my new employer, or maybe employers. Odesk is a portal that arranges for you to find jobs that you can do online, depending on your skills. Last month they proudly announced that one million hours was logged through the month. This really caught my attention as I would really like to make some extra cash from my excessive internet use. I signed up, took some tests etc and about 1 hour later I`ve posted my first two job applications. Since I am a Norwegian national I hope to find some translation work. To my surprise I found heaps of work to apply for. This is truly a innovative way to connect with  companies to do work or to hire someone out there at a hourly rate, no strings attached.

Check it out:


I was so impressed by this I also posted the link as one of my Top 3.

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